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Meet Barbara

Mom of two adult children, sibling to two sisters, author and poet, college graduate with a degree in Business Administration/Management, United States Air Force disabled veteran, former government employee, dog lover and cancer survivor.

My name is Barbara and I live in the United States on the east coast, very close to the Atlantic Ocean. I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I have many interests, but the one I like the most is creative writing. I recently wrote and published an ebook and a book of poetry. I am currently in the process of writing a new ebook and a non-fiction book about my childhood and the town I grew up in.

I have two established websites at the current time, in which I am constantly writing articles for. My writing extends beyond just being creative. Because I was a federal employee for many years, I developed excellent skills in writing technical documentations, ash well as researching information, working with developing and managing databases. In addition, I am fluent in creating Excel spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations, as well as writing research/term papers.

I can Help You With
Report & Content Writing

- Business Reporting
- Meeting Minutes
- Website Content
- Blogs & Manuscripts Writing
- eBooks
- Research/Term papers

Data Research/Entry/Maintenance

- Research Product Information
- Keyword Research for Content Writing
- Enter Information from Research into Your Database
- Update and Maintain Information as Needed Basis

Presentation Materials

- PowerPoint Presentations
- Excel Spreadsheets, Charts, Graphs, and Tables
- Design Invoices, Brochures, Restaurant Menus, and Sales Flyers

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JRZGRL Freelancing
Jeffrey L. Brown

I have had no complaints at all with the writing that Barbara McGinley has done for me over the last couple of years! It has always met every metric that I specified! She even collaborated with me on a Website before too! Besides her Freelance writing, she has also written a book. She also runs several websites of her own, and seems to be an excellent researcher! I wouldn’t even be surprised if she didn’t already have at least one more book in the works too!

Jeffrey L. Brown

Author & Creator
Bermuda’s Secret

JRZGRL Freelancing
Dee Masiero

I have known Barbara for over 25 years, both professionally, working together in the Department of Defense and personally. I can attest to her talent and professionalism. She is a published author and does freelance writing, JRZGRL Freelance. Barbara is very passionate about her work and can be depended on to give her all to the completion of a task.

JRZGRL Freelancing
Dario L.

I've worked with Barbara over the past year or so on various affiliate marketing projects, and I have witnessed her research skills, content writing skills, and all of her presented materials were very visually appealing. She always met the expectations and went above and beyond to get the job done far better than expected!

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